25 Autumn-Themed Activities Your Kids Will Love

September 21, 2018 Lara Gwyn

Fall is officially here! The weather may or may not be cooperating, but you can enjoy all the color and charm of autumn—indoors and out—with these fun and kid-friendly activities.

  1. Make a keepsake hand print tree.
  2. Craft a yarn pumpkin.
  3. Pick a pumpkin from a local farm.
  4. Bake something delicious with your harvested pumpkin.
  5. Take a road-trip to see the fall colors and have a photo shoot.
  6. Build LEGO apples.
  7. Enjoy some time outside playing a fun game of fall-leaf Bingo.
  8. Write a ‘gratitude list’ and find a way to give to someone in need.
  9. Go to a fall festival.
  10. Have a pumpkin-themed day, and eat a pumpkin-flavored food at every meal.
  11. Make a paper plate leaf handprint wreath to hang every year.
  12. Enjoy the cooler weather by taking the kids geocaching. It’s basically a real-life treasure hunt!
  13. Sip hot apple cider together on the porch at dusk.
  14. Decorate pumpkins with an unconventional design.
  15. Pick up leaves in several different colors and shapes.
  16. Learn about fall leaves and chlorophyll with a simple science project.
  17. Go to your favorite home goods store and let the kids select a special fall decoration for the house.
  18. Jump in a pile of leaves.
  19. Have an apple tasting with several different kinds of apples. Discuss which ones were favorites, and how they taste similar or different.
  20. Try a tasty squash recipe.
  21. Have the kids collect some vivid (freshly fallen) leaves, and help them make a beautiful fall leaf bouquet.
  22. Go pine cone picking.
  23. Make adorable pine cone hedgehogs from the pine cones you found.
  24. Enjoy some freshly made pumpkin pie pudding.
  25. Throw a harvest party and play these fun games.

Power of Texas wishes our fellow Texans a happy fall!


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