Energy-Boosting Shakes to Keep You Going

September 24, 2018 Jamie Swartz

No matter what your flavor or nutritional preference, we’ve got a shake to kick-start your day!

If you like your shakes green…

Whether you’re a kale connoisseur or you just know that greens are gonna make you feel great, there is a smoothie recipe for you! Check out these 25 green smoothie recipes. From avocados to limes to matcha, you’ll be an energy-infused green machine in no time.

If you’re VERY into cherry…

You can find these popular fruits frozen in bulk, or fresh at the market (watch out for pits in fresh cherries, and remove before blending). Cherries are high in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties, so be generous with them! Enjoy one of these delicious cherry smoothies this week.

If you’re a choco-holic…


Who doesn’t love a little chocolate now and then? Unsweetened cocoa powder actually has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and helps to improve brain function. Sounds like a great way to start the day! Try one of these yummy and healthy chocolate smoothies and give your brain a boost.


If you’re gaga for Greek yogurt…


Greek yogurt has grown immensely in popularity over recent years. It’s incredibly high in protein (which will keep you feeling full all morning), and loaded with vitamin B12, which is known for boosting energy and brain function. Scoop some of your favorite Greek yogurt into one of the 20 fresh smoothies.

If you’re bananas for bananas…

Bananas are affordable, plentiful, and easy to prepare. Just peel and it’s ready! For that reason alone they’re a great breakfast food for busy people on the go. BUT, they also have fantastic nutritional benefits like high levels of potassium, and low glycemic values (meaning they won’t spike your blood sugar). Blend up one of these healthy banana smoothies to add some flavor to your morning routine.


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