12 days of Tex-mas

December 21, 2018

cowboy boots a hat and mistletoe
Texas has its own special way of celebrating the holiday season. Here are 12 ways Texans across the state celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

Barbed wire wreaths

It’s one of those uniquely Texan traditions. Shape the wire into a circle, and decorate it with ribbons and greenery. Then place it on your door or fence. It’s a Texas classic.

Decorated trucks

Texans are known for their love of trucks. During the holidays it’s common to see elaborately decorated pickup trucks, with wreaths and colorful lights, driving around town.


Tamales are a holiday tradition for many Texas families. Most Texans either know how to make their own, or know where to buy the best ones.


These simple, yet elegant lighted decorations are popular across the state. Easy to DIY, and affordable, Texans often display them outside their homes during the Christmas season.

The Texas star

The Texas star is a beloved state symbol, but also doubles as a Christmas decoration. Stars are often used in Christmas decorating, so displaying the Texas star is a great way to show your state pride, while festively celebrating the holidays.


Love it or hate it, there’s no denying it. Fruitcake has been a Texas holiday classic since forever. If you want to try your hand at a fruitcake, may we suggest this very popular Alton Brown recipe…you won’t want to toss it out, we promise.


As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. That includes Christmas. Whether it’s ostentatious outdoor lights, or a massive Christmas tree inside, Texans are known to go over the top when it comes to celebrating the most wonderful time of the year.


This traditional symbol of Christmas is also a native plant to Texas. Unfortunately, it’s generally parasitic, which isn’t very romantic. You can find it growing on a variety of trees across the state, like mesquite and cedar elms.

A warm Christmas

Texas isn’t known for white Christmases. You’re likely to find Texan families outside on a warm Christmas day, dressed in shorts with a turkey in the smoker (or deep fryer).


This traditional dessert is a Texan favorite around the holiday season. Try one of these tasty empanada recipes this Christmas.

Christmas boots instead of stockings

In some Texan homes this year, Santa will be delivering treats and gifts to cowboy boots lined up by the fireplace, instead of stockings.

Cowboy Santa

Speaking of Santa, you’ll often see a cowboy-ed up version of St. Nick in homes and stores across the state. Texans know Santa loves to wear his boots and cowboy hat.

Whether you leave your cowboy boots out for Santa on Christmas Eve, or light up your home with luminarias, Power of Texas wishes you and your family a happy holiday season. Learn how Power of Texas can power your home in 2019.

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