Dreaming of a Green Christmas

December 4, 2018

Christmas mantel decorations star lights pinecones and garland

Enjoy the merriment of the holiday season, while also being eco-conscious. These tips will help you save some cash, while also saving the planet this December.


Shop local, and choose natural, renewable materials like wood, cotton, silk, etc. Avoid excessive purchasing, and try to give gifts that are meaningful and useful. “Experiential” gifts—like a museum membership or sporting event tickets—are great options, and won’t have to be donated or thrown away after they’re used. 



Wrapping paper

Fabric is a sustainable option for wrapping up gifts. You may even have some excess fabric lying around your home that you can tie up with a pretty ribbon. Newspaper, old maps, old magazine pages, scarves, or mason jars are other alternatives to traditional wrapping paper. There are also companies who now specialize in making eco-friendly gift-wrap.






We’ve come a long way in the world of Christmas lights. LED lights are sold nearly everywhere lighting is sold, and use 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Buying LED Christmas lights means you’ll save on energy costs, and won’t have to go back to the store to get new ones every year. You can purchase them for both your outdoor decorations, and your Christmas tree. To save even more energy, put your lights on a timer to ensure they don’t stay on all night long.





Christmas Tree

Your most eco-friendly option is to purchase a live tree with the root ball still attached, so you can replant it after the holidays. If this option isn’t feasible, a typical live tree is still a better alternative than a fake tree. Christmas trees are grown as a crop in the US, so harvesting them for Christmas use isn’t the same as typical deforestation. Tree farmers will plant several new trees in place of the ones cut down. Fake trees are made from plastics, metals, and chemicals you probably don’t want in your home. Besides, they don’t have that glorious piney fragrance that everyone loves during the holidays. 






Instead of spending lots of cash on new decorations, try some DIY decorations this year. Reusing items you have around your house is a great way to maximize your savings, and turn trash into treasure. 





Christmas Dinner

Order your meat (turkey, ham, steak, etc.) from a local farm. Be sure to contact them in advance. Buying local meat is very popular, and they will have limited supplies. Make a natural centerpiece for your table, and bring out your nice dinnerware, rather than using disposable dishes and cutlery. 





Send eCards

Save paper, and send your Christmas cards electronically this year. You can still personalize them, and include family photos, music, and more.

Power of Texas wishes our fellow Texans a happy holiday season. Explore how you can help keep Texas green in 2019, or find an affordable energy plan with a company that’s powered by Texans.




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