Thanksgiving Dishes With A Texas Twist

November 12, 2018

Thanksgiving turkey dinner
Texans are a proud people. We love our history. We love our flag. We love the shape of our state. And we love our food. Ok, we reeeeally love our food. With Thanksgiving close at hand, here are few delicious dishes to serve for a truly Texan Turkey Day.

Soulful Soups

Thanksgiving Soup With Stuffing Dumplings

This savory soup won 3rd place at the Texas State Fair, so you know it’s Texan-approved.

Butternut Squash Soup with Sweet and Spicy Pecans

 Chili powder and pecans highlight classic Texas flavors in this seasonal soup.

Delectable Dressings (Stuffing)

Chorizo Cornbread Stuffing

The debate across Texas rages on about which is the proper term—stuffing or dressing—but everyone will agree this recipe is amazing.

Pecan Dressing

Pecan is the Texas state tree, and Texas produces the most native pecans in the US. Make this pecan dressing, and serve up a big taste of Texas.

Sensational Sides

Cranberry and Pecan Tamales

Tamales are a holiday staple in Texas. Pair them with pecans, and you’ve gone Super Texan. 

Stewed Green Beans and Poblanos

For Texans who love a little spice, these kicked up green beans with poblano peppers will hit the spot on Thanksgiving.

Cheesy Corn Pie

If it’s good enough for the Texas State Fair, it’s good enough for any Texan. Along with this delicious recipe, you’ll find other Texas State Fair Thanksgiving recipe submissions.

Tasty Texan Turkeys

Cajun Deep Fried Turkey

Deep fried, plus Cajun? East Texans will agree: This is the right way to cook a Thanksgiving turkey.

BBQ Turkey

Name a Texan who doesn’t like barbecue. You can’t. Your guests will love this smoky take on Thanksgiving turkey.

Poblano and Cilantro Roasted Turkey

The more poblanos the better, right? This flavor-filled turkey will be a hit on any Texan’s Thanksgiving dinner table. 

Delightful Desserts

Cinnamon Whiskey Pecan Pie

 Whiskey and pecans. Enough said.

Buttermilk Pumpkin Pie with Brown Sugar Cream

Texans love their buttermilk pie, and will go even crazier for this pumpkiny version.

German Chocolate Cake

Nope. It’s not German. The very first German chocolate cake recipe ran in the Dallas Morning News in 1957. Serve up a slice of Texas history this Thanksgiving with a tasty German chocolate cake.

Power of Texas wishes our fellow Texans a happy Thanksgiving! 
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