Your Texas-Themed Gift Guide

December 5, 2018

Texas Christmas ornament on tree with lights
If your loved ones love Texas as much as we do, check out our Texas-themed gift guide. Whether they’ve moved out of state, or live in Texas and can’t get enough, these gifts are sure to make them smile.

The Texanist

This book is a must-have for any and all Texans. The popular Texans-only advice column featured in Texas Monthly magazine has been compiled into a book, so readers can easily find the advice they’re looking for. Wanna know how many Texas-themed tattoos is too many? Get the book and find out.

Texas flag anything

The Texas flag comes in swimsuits, yoga pants, bedding, shower curtains, aprons, and pretty much anything you can think of. If you search hard enough, you can gift an entire home’s worth of Texas flag goodies.  

A bluebonnet candle

Nothing says Texas better than bluebonnets. A Texas bluebonnet-scented candle from Fredericksburg Farms will fill your loved one’s home with the beautiful fragrance of the Texas state flower.

Texas shaped items

It’s no secret that Texans love the shape of our state. There are thousands of products made in the glorious shape of Texas. A cutting board is classic and useful, and of course everyone knows Texas-shaped waffles taste better. If you want to take it up a notch, get this Texas-shaped branding iron that you can use to brand your steaks, or these cookie cutters that will make the greatest cookie you’ve ever baked.


The pecan tree is the Texas state tree, so any variety of delicious pecans is perfect for a true Texan. If you need help finding some, try Bedroll Pecan Farm—a favorite among Texans across the state.

Armadillo or Longhorn themed gifts

These two animals are famously Texan, and thankfully the Internet is filled with creative gifts. Try armadillo socks, jewelry, or slippers, or go big with these mounted longhorn steer horns.

Famous Texas mottos emblazoned on anything 

Between “Come and Take It” and “You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas,” it’s a tough choice—both are famous phrases in Texas history, and can be found on everything from flags, to mugs, to vanity license plates

The Texas Star

We aren’t called the Lone Star State for nothing. A beautiful Texas Star will make any Texan’s house a home.

Sports team swag

Texas is known for our outstanding sports, both college and professional teams. So whether you’ve got a Cowboys fan in the family, or a relative who graduated from The University of Texas or Texas A&M University, a bit of team spirit under the tree will definitely brighten their Christmas. 

And last but not least….

Cowboy boots

The official footwear of Texas is, of course, the cowboy boot. It’s probable your loved one may already own a pair. Maybe two. But you know what? In Texas, you can never own too many cowboy boots. Take your pick from The Texas Boot Company.

Power of Texas loves all things Texan, but we love our fellow Texans the most. Take a look at our affordable energy plans and light up your home this holiday season while supporting a company who’s powered by Texans.

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