30 Spooktacular Halloween Activities for Kids

October 5, 2018 Lara Gwyn
It’s that time of year! But—before the kids dress up and eat loads of candy, you have to get through the entire month of October. That’s a long wait for little ghouls and goblins. Keep your kiddos entertained all month long with these Halloween-inspired activities.
1. Stir up some monster slime.
2. Learn about the human body while making a straw skeleton.
3. Watch a ghost dance using static electricity. 
4. Make these beautiful scented salt dough leaves to hang around your home.
5. Make a spider web out of coffee filters. 
6. Visit a pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect pumpkins.
7. Decorate your pumpkins in a snazzy new way.
9. Decorate a paper plate witch’s hat.
10. Make a creepy Halloween feel box.
11. Go to your local library and check out some spooky stories.
12. Bake some tasty pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.
13. Play Boo Bingo with this free printable.
14. Make some kicked up caramel apples.
15. Fashion your own milk jug ghosts.
16. Make a silly spider hat.
17. Have some science fun with a bubbly ghost experiment.
18. Go on a nature walk and pick out rocks to paint and decorate.
19. Enter a costume contest at a local festival.
21. Play a fun game of Halloween charades.
23. Learn about shadows with these spooky shadow puppets.
25. Decorate your front yard together with a festive theme
26. Bob for apples.
27. Tell each other scary stories around an outdoor fireplace. 
28. Create paper lanterns for Halloween night.
29. “Spook” your neighbors with fun Halloween treats and toys.
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