Power of Texas FAQs

September 12, 2018 Jamie Swartz


I am a new Power of Texas customer. When will I receive my first bill?

You will receive your first bill within 45 days after your enrollment request is approved or service begins.


What do I do if I am a new Power of Texas customer but I receive a bill from my previous electricity provider?

Once you switch to Power of Texas, it may take up 45 days for you to receive your first bill from us. You will receive a final bill from your previous retail electric provider and a postcard from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas verifying your enrollment.


If I have questions about my bill, who should I contact?

Contact our friendly Customer Care Associates toll-free at 888.500.8348.  Associates are available to assist you Monday - Friday 8 am - 7 pm and Saturday 10 am - 2 pm CST.


When should I pay my bill?

Payments are to be paid by the due date noted on your bill. All payments take an average of five (5) days to post to your account depending on your method of payment. If your payment is received after the bill due date, you will be assessed a 5% late fee on the amount due.


Where can I go to review my Power of Texas billing history?

To view your billing history, log in to your account or click here to create an online account. Click the ‘Bill History’ link to see bill dates, bill amounts and to view your bill.


How do I get another copy of my bill?

Give us a call at 888.500.8348 and we’ll be happy to help.


What do I do if I think there is an error on my bill?

Please call our friendly Texas Customer Care team toll-free at 888.500.8348. We're available Monday - Friday 8am - 7pm and Saturday 10am - 2pm CST. You can also email us at customercare@poweroftexas.com to discuss the details of your bill.


Do I have to sign in to My Account to pay my bill online?

Yes. My Account makes it easy for you to pay online, keep track of your payment history and more. Register your account here.


Need more help?
Not seeing what you need? You can call us toll-free at 888.500.8348. We’re available Monday – Friday 8am–7pm and Saturday 10am–2pm CST. You can also email us at customercare@poweroftexas.com.


What is the base charge on my electricity bill?

The base charge is a $4.95 flat fee that’s assessed monthly regardless of plan type, contract term length or amount of kilowatt-hour usage.


General Help

How do I contact Power of Texas?

Contact us at customercare@poweroftexas.com


Where is Power of Texas-headquartered?

1301 McKinney, Suite 2950, Houston, TX 77010


I received a disconnection notice and/or my electricity was disconnected. What do I do?

If you have been disconnected due to non-payment, contact our friendly Customer Care Team toll-free at 888.500.8348. We’re available Monday – Friday 8am–7pm and Saturday 10am–2pm CST.
Once you have paid the outstanding balance, your service will be reconnected. See the Payment FAQs to learn more about Power of Texas bill payment.
If your disconnection is related to something other than a non-payment issue (i.e. you want to report a power outage), please contact your local transmission and distribution utility (TDU):

Houston and Surrounding Areas:
CenterPoint Energy, 713.207.2222 or 800.332.7143

Texas-New Mexico Power, 888.886.7456

South Texas
AEP Texas Central Company, 866.223.8508
Dallas/Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas
Oncor Electric Delivery, 888.313.4747
Texas-New Mexico Power, 888.886.7456

West Texas
AEP Texas North Company, 866.223.8508
Oncor Electric Delivery, 888.313.4747
Texas-New Mexico Power, 888.886.7456

Please note: The TDU may assess a charge to turn on your meter outside of normal business hours.

What are the TDU charges I see on my bill?

The TDU controls the transmission of the power to your house. Every month, they charge a flat fee in addition to a rate per kWh in order to transport the electricity. These charges are passed through to every customer as billed from the Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU). There is no markup added to the fees when they are passed along to you. 


What are the benefits of usage reports?

With Power of Texas’s Usage Reports, you'll find extensive details regarding your energy usage for over two weeks, broken into daily consumption. You'll see how things like how weather affects your usage which puts you in a powerful position to be able to control your costs more effectively.

Start receiving your report via email every week. Register on MyAccount and you’re automatically enrolled! Questions about the report? 

What perks do you offer?

Power of Texas' offer perks in a few ways. We have a Refer-A-Friend program and also give all our customers access to our Premier Hotel Engine, saving customers anywhere from 7-26% off retail hotel prices. To Learn more, visit our Hotel Engine Perks Guide to register and start saving. It's 100% FREE and exclusive to Power of Texas customers.


How do I pay online?

Pay your bill through your My Account page with a credit card, debit card, checking account, or savings account or through your bank's bill pay feature. Note that if you pay through your bank’s bill pay feature, your payment will be sent to us depending on your bank’s schedule. Some banks choose to mail a check once they draft from your account. Be aware this could cause a delay in us receiving your payment.


How do I set up recurring payments?

Set up automatic monthly payments that will draft on your due date through your My Account page, or by calling Customer Care at 888.500.8348.

Recurring payments must be set up 24 hours before a payment due date.  in order to draft for the current amount due. If you do not allow 24 hours before your due date to enroll in autopay, you must make a one-time payment for your current amount due and then enroll in autopay for the next billing cycle.

You will continue to receive a bill each month even though you are on a recurring payment plan. This will be noted on your bill.

To cancel automatic payments, please call Customer Care at 888.500.8348 or log in to My Account and choose ‘Auto Pay’ under the ‘Settings’ menu and then click the ‘Turn Off Autopay’ button.


How do I pay by mail?

Send a personal check along with the lower portion of your bill to:

Power of Texas Holdings, Inc. 

PO Box 734011

Dallas, TX 75373-4011

  • Please include your POTX account number(s) on your check.
  • Please allow five (5) business days for your payment to process once received. You should pay using one of our other methods if that doesn't leave enough time to process by your due date.


How do I pay in person?

Pay your bill in cash at multiple Walmart or Fiesta locations via CheckFreePay®*. Click here to find a store in your area.
Don't forget to bring your remittance stub with your 11-digit account number!
Payments made through CheckFreePay® take an average of one (1) business day to be applied to your Power of Texas account.

If your service has been disconnected, call 888.500.8348 in order to be reconnected. We’re available Monday – Friday 8am–7pm and Saturday 10am–2pm CST.

*CheckFreePay® transactions are delivered real-time. Posting time varies by the biller. Not all billers are available at this location and are subject to change. Fees may apply and are subject to change. Ask a clerk for details.


How do I pay by phone?

Call us toll-free 888.500.8348 to speak with a Customer Care Agent or pay your bill through our automated payment system. You will need your 11-digit account number and 8 digit account security code. Your default security code is the account holder's birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY).
All payments take an average of five (5) days to process. Power of Texas accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


Sign-Up Help

How do I sign up for service with Power of Texas?

Becoming a Power of Texas customer is simple and convenient. To view our competitive plans, call us toll-free at 888.500.8348. We’re available Monday – Friday 8am–7pm and Saturday 10am–2pm CST.

How long does it take for my Power of Texas service to begin?

Power of Texas enrollments process immediately, and service begins approximately three (3) business days after enrollments are approved. Power of Texas offers both Special Meter Read enrollments (where your service can begin on a specific date) and Priority Move-Ins (where your service can begin sooner than the three (3) business days).


What prices do Power of Texas offer?

To see all of our competitive products and pricing in your area, call us at 888.500.8348


Will I have to pay a deposit when I sign up?

A deposit may be required depending on your payment history/credit score. We’ll also ask for one if you don’t authorize Power of Texas to perform a credit check. In these cases, you must satisfy this requirement before your service begins.
We do offer assistance with paying if you qualify under one of these categories:

  • 65 years of age or older
  • A victim of family violence
  • An eligible low-income customer

You’ll get the chance to indicate your status during sign-up and see a list of necessary documents for validation.

Questions? Call us toll-free at 888.500.8348. We’re available Monday – Friday 8am–7pm and Saturday 10am–2pm CST.

What is a TDU?

TDU stands for Transmission and Distribution Utility. These companies are responsible for the service and maintenance of all the power lines in your area. They do everything from restoring your electricity service when a storm hits to maintaining the poles, wires, meters and even measure your home’s electricity consumption.

What are these TDU Delivery Charges?

In order for TDU companies to be able to provide these services, they charge every residential customer a small fee, regardless of who you choose as your electricity provider. All of the charges are reviewed and approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and no markup is included in the cost. This means you are only paying transportation and distribution charges for the electricity you use. TDU Delivery Charges consist of a flat fee plus the rate per kWh, and they are passed through to you, the customer as billed from the Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU). To learn more, click here.

Does Power of Texas offer renewable plans?

You bet. Power of Texas offers the competitive Texas Refresh electricity plan for customers who are committed to having a positive impact on our planet. This product is a 100% renewable plan.


My Account

How do I register for My Account online?

Click here to register your Power of Texas account online. You will need the first 8 digits of your 11 digit account number. If you are a new customer, your account number will be located on your first bill.

How do I log in once I have registered my account on the Power of Texas website?

Click here to access the My Account page at the top right menu of our home page. Enter your username and password and hit continue to fill out the rest of the fields.


What do I do if I forgot my password?

Click here if you forgot your password. We will help you reset it.


I registered for My Account online but I am not able to log in. What do I do?

First, check the spelling of your username and password. Then, try resetting your password. If you still cannot log in to your account, call us toll-free at 888.500.8348, we’re available Monday – Friday 8am–7pm and Saturday 10am–2pm CST. You can also email us at customercare@poweroftexas.com



Can I schedule my transfer of service or move online in advance?

Yes, you can. We offer move-in options that are flexible and allow you to schedule future connections up to 30 days in advance.


If I move to a new location, do I have to create a new My Account or can I use my current logins?

No. We want to make transferring services as convenient as possible. You keep your logins and account information. You will receive a new account number for your new address. You will be able to select the account number in My Account.


Do I have to re-enroll in my current billing and payment plans like autopay and paperless billing?

Paperless billing will transfer to your new address without you needing to do anything. In order to set up Autopay at your new address, log in to My Account or give us a call. You can also contact customer care by phone or chat for help or to answer any questions.


If I paid a deposit on my current plan, does it transfer to my new account?

In most cases, your deposit will transfer to your new address. Customer care is here to help if you have any questions.


Is there a cost to transfer service?

You will be responsible for any remaining balance that is outstanding on your current address. In most cases, your utility company will charge a move-in fee to establish service at your new location. Your first bill will reflect this fee. In some cases, a permit may be required, which could also add additional fees for new service.


Can you guarantee my service stop date?

No. But we will do everything we can to accommodate your preferred stop date.  For example, if your meter is not accessible, we can’t guarantee your start-stop date. Please keep in mind that any energy consumed is your responsibility until services have been stopped. We recommend turning off all appliances so you keep charges as low as possible if service doesn’t stop on the specified day. Customer care can help during this transition.


Do I have to select the same start and stop date?

No. The dates can be different.  Customer care can help during this transition.


What do I do if there is already electricity on at my new address?

A transfer of service request is needed to establish service in your name. Keep in mind that the previous customer’s move-out request could be canceled at any time. In some cases, you could be without service for up to three business days.


What do I do if I’m moving to a new location in Texas? How do I transfer electricity services to my new location?

No problem. If you are moving within our service area, you can transfer online easily. Our customer care team is also here to help. Call us and we’ll get your services transferred quickly 888.500.8348.


Can you tell me how much my average electricity bill will be?

Consumption of electricity varies by customer. Depending on which type of plan you choose, weather temperatures, the efficiency of your home, your usage, electricity supply and demand and many other factors, your bill can reflect different costs. We want you to have the best plan for your needs, so don’t hesitate to ask for our help!




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